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Changing hearts and minds
one story at a time.

Full-Service Video Production & Digital Marketing Agency

Memory Tree

Well-developed messages, strong stories and creative ideas are at the heart of our work.  Since 1996 we've used these elements to build powerful content and video marketing campaigns for our valued clients.


Whether you need help developing initial messaging or you already have a clear vision of a final product, our comprehensive video production, photography, 360VR, animation, and graphic design services can help.  We have a well-defined and effective process to guide you through each step to ensure you achieve your final goal. We look forward to becoming your creative partner. 

A few of our clients:

Memory Tree 25th Anniversary

Full-Service Video Production & Digital Marketing Agency

Memory Tree Productions is an all-in-one digital production studio. If you're interested in starting a new digital media project with us, check out some of our most popular services. 

Case Studies

Texas Casa Commercial

Become a CASA - That’s the message of this emotional film. The difference that TexasCasa can make in the life of a child, by becoming a CASA volunteer you can help provide a voice for children like Emily, who have been abused or neglected.


This docu-drama live-action short film was produced in various lengths for multiple markets and applications. The central conflict in the film revolves around Emily struggling to overcome the difficulties she's experienced early in life; learning to trust again, becoming hopeful again, and learning to see the world as more than just a dangerous place.

To tell this story we use a cinematic, emotional approach that showcases the reality of foster care for a young person and the positive impact one individual can have.

Conestoga College
Community Impact

Every 5 years, Conestoga College produces a report that assesses the impact Conestoga College has made on the local community. A new version of the report was released in the Fall of 2017.


Behind the numbers is a really great story. Working with Conestoga we developed a creative and impactful way to tell it, through animation that was inspired by a popular TV series. The opening landscape gives the setting for our story, a technological hotbed of exciting growth and opportunity, then describing a mystery institution and their impact on the region and its economy. Later to reveal the institution as Conestoga College.

Unitron Rechargeable

Be in the moment. This emotional commercial was produced for Unitron’s launch of their Moxi Fit R hearing aid – The world’s smallest, most flexible rechargeable hearing aid.


The concept is centred around that phrase “Be in the Moment”, telling the story of a Grandfather who travels a distance to see his Granddaughter. The approach involved creating a strong emotional connection not only to our character but the sound around him.


The sound design created in the video focused on hearing sound that is most commonly lost with hearing loss. Only one line of dialogue is spoken in the video, something that can’t be missed.

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