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360 Virtual Reality

Memory Tree is always thirsty for knowledge and that includes developing new design techniques and using the latest technology to keep our work fresh and ahead of the curve. 


Our work in 360VR productions will allow your audience to feel like they are really there by allowing the viewer to look to their left, right, up, down, and behind. 360VR productions create the opportunity to make a viewing experience more rewarding than even being there in person as we can position 360 rigs in locations that onsite audience members can't access.


Many of our 360VR projects are proprietary and can't be shared on our website. To see more give us a call. 

Interested in doing a 360 VR project with us?

Unitron Moxi All

Unitron launched their new hearing aid Moxi All and needed a way to showcase to the market the new available features and the patient benefits associated with the hearing aid. While still having a focus on what is unique to Unitron – rechargeable, Flex and Patient Ratings. We developed a 360 Virtual Reality Android and iOS app for Unitron that allows customers to experience the Moxi All hearing aid in a real environment. The Moxi All VR experience allows the user to explore 3 virtual Hotspots, recorded through Moxi All
hearing aids.

Corteva Agriscience 360

Corteva Agriscience launched its new Enlist Duo product as part of their weed control system. What better way to showcase the results of Enlist Duo and demonstrate the weed control to their customers, than by putting them in a soybean field. Using 360-degree virtual reality video, motion graphics and narration their customers can view different crops up close and see for themselves the Enlist Duo product in action.

University of Guelph Dairy Research Facility 

The University of Guelph Dairy Research Facility is a leader in dairy innovation, research, and education. But how do you showcase a 175,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility? Through 360 degree visuals, narration and motion graphics we were able to place the viewer in the facility - virtually. Throughout the virtual reality experience, we were able to showcase the facility’s technology, innovation and its ability to collect research data. Creating a truly immersive experience for the viewer.

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