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Since 1996 we've produced literally thousands of videos. Here are some of our favourites.

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About Memory Tree

We’re a team of highly-skilled, creative people. Some of us are Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, Animators, Editors, or Writers, but we’re all visual storytellers. Since 1996 we’ve produced literally thousands of videos, aimed at doing everything from selling BBQs, to educating employees about workplace safety, to helping find children a home. What sets us apart is our ability to truly understand your message, and translate it into a memorable, meaningful video that makes an impact.

Our Portfolio

The Videos Speak For Themselves
Take a look at some of the videos we’ve produced over the years.


Our Process

Just how does this all work?
At Memory Tree, we believe the process is just as important as the end result.


Our Services

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From script to screen, we’ve got experience in every aspect of video production.


Our Clients

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Hear what our clients have to say about working with Memory Tree


Recent News


Memory Tree Wins Multiple MarCom Awards

Memory Tree is the proud recipient of multiple MarCom Awards for outstanding achievement in digital marketing from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP).

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What Our Clients are Saying

Our Services

Unlike many video production companies that rely heavily on freelancers, at Memory Tree we have full-time staff with specialized expertise in the most critical aspects of video production. We believe there’s just no substitute for a team that works together every day.


- Web videos - Documentary - TV commercials - 360-degree "VR" videos - Training and e-Learning - Live Event coverage - Product demonstrations - Time-lapse


- Cinematography (including aerial & 360-degree) - Animation (2D, 3D & Character) - Editing - Script-writing - Direction - Audio post-production - Still Photography - Casting

Have Questions?

Wondering about next steps? Not sure if what you’re looking for is even possible? Have a really good recipe for blueberry muffins? Get in touch with us, we can help.

Our Process

Whether this is your very first video project or just your first with us, we’ll walk you through exactly how our process works, and keep you up to date on progress throughout all stages of production. Your input is key to the success of your video, but it doesn’t need to be a full-time job. You’ll know exactly what we need from you, and when we’ll need it, with scheduled review times and a process that works for you.



Before we create a single frame, it’s crucial to know your brand, your audience, and your message. Usually this involves meeting with your key stakeholders, where we’ll ask a lot of questions, and do a lot of listening.


Concept Development

In the end all videos have the same goal: to impact the viewer. Whether you want them to take action, learn a technique, understand a concept, be entertained, or connect emotionally, this is the stage where we develop a creative approach to achieve that goal. This is when a script is developed, as well as storyboards, or concept drawings if needed.



Now that we’ve got our concept and our script, we may need to scout locations, cast actors or narrators, conduct pre-interviews, gather graphics assets, and create shot-lists and schedules.



This is the stage where the raw content is created – video is shot, narration and Foley is recorded, music is sourced. Join us on set if you like!



Now that we have the raw materials, the editing, animation, and sound-mixing begins. You’ll get a chance to review how the video is coming together at scheduled review stages. This is most commonly done with password-protected web-links, but an in-person review in our edit suite is also available if you prefer.


Final Exports/Encoding

Whether it’s HD broadcast, You Tube, Vimeo, or 4K digital, once you’ve approved your video and are ready to release it into the world, we’ll export it in the final format(s) you need.

What’s the one mistake we see people make most often? Waiting too long to get started! If you’ve got a video project on your radar, no matter how far out, let us know and we can give you advice that may save you time, money, and lot of headaches down the road.

Our Clients

From Fortune 500 companies, to Small Businesses, Educational Institutions, Non-Profits, Governments, or Healthcare, these are just a few of the organizations that trust us to tell their stories.

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Wondering about next steps? Not sure if what you’re looking for is even possible? Have a really good recipe for blueberry muffins? Get in touch with us, we can help.

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