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Visualizing Atraxa’s Augmented Reality Through Animation and Live Action

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

NDI teamed up with Memory Tree to produce a video that could capture their 3D measurement and motion tracking solutions . To highlight the augmented reality experience of Atraxa, we chose to mix digital animation.

What is Atraxa?

Atraxa is an extended-reality positional tracking technology. It works without the use of external infrared markers, so that users can move freely in large spaces, large and small, and not be constricted by wires or line-of-sight restrictions. Users can move from room to room, or from indoors and outside and vice versa, regardless of changes in light or environment.

Atraxa’s immersive extended-reality experience tracks a user’s complete 360° movements—whether they are sitting, standing, or in full locomotion—and allows them to interact with virtual content just as they would in the real world. By seamlessly integrating tracking data with the XR interface, Atraxa enables users to remain fully immersed in the virtual world.

How to Capture Augmented Reality

NDI was looking for a video that would showcase the unique capabilities of Atraxa. The video needed to capture the fluidity and 360 degree movement of Atraxa from the perspective of the user.

Since Atraxa integrates with augmented reality applications, it made sense to see real people interacting with the technology. We chose to design animated flourishes that would feature the immersive experience and flexibility of Atraxa.

As we made production decisions, we wanted to make sure the animation treatment didn’t feel jarring to the viewer. We were working with abstract concepts and designs, but it needed to be rooted in reality at the same time. To plan out our vision and to ensure filming day was straight forward, we created a detailed storyboard for production.

We use storyboards for all of our animated, live action, and interactive projects. Learn Why Storyboards Produce Better Stories.

Shooting Inside an Airline Hanger

Shooting Atraxa’s NDI video was a blast for our team. We were able to shoot inside an airline hanger, which posed some challenges, but also made the week quite memorable for Memory Tree.

To shoot the video, we used an Alexa mini camera, vintage lens’, AE, large file sizes, smoke machines, and a significant lighting setup. We wanted to create the perfect haze using industrial fog inside the airline hanger. We made this possible with a giant sided book light that balanced the lighting and smoke levels throughout the hanger.

Atraxa Video

Dedicated In-House Animation Team

Animation is never an afterthought for us. We have dedicated in-house expertise in all aspects of animation, including 2D and 3D design. Meet our talented team and view some of our favourite animation projects.

To learn more about our animation process or to talk to someone about the story you’d like to tell, you can reach our team by phone or email.

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