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Using Interactive Video to Showcase Unitron’s Innovative Hearing Solutions

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

For the release of Unitron’s Discover platform, they partnered with Memory Tree to produce an interactive video campaign that showcases the powerful technology built into Unitron’s hearing aids. The new Discover technology provides exceptional hearing experiences for those who suffer from hearing loss.

The interactive video features a variety of unique listening environments as well as an experiential choose your own path component. With interactive video, we can give the viewer the opportunity to pick and choose their own activities. With each path, the viewer can hear what it’s like to live with normal hearing, hearing loss, and with Discover hearing aids.

Discover launch and interactive video, Amsterdam May 2019

Unitron is Revolutionizing Hearing Care

Unitron empowers people through smart hearing solutions. They are committed to delivering the best hearing care possible, with a design philosophy that keeps their customers and all those in need of hearing instruments at the centre of their innovation. From aesthetics to comfort to intuitive functionality, they provide a personalized hearing care experience. It is precisely this focus that has earned them six Red Dot Awards , including the Best of the Best in 2017.

In keeping with their spirit of innovation, Unitron has created the Discover platform. Discover is a powerful technology built into Unitron’s hearing aids, designed to provide clients with a brilliant experience in conversations. Discover empowers people with hearing loss to get the most out of every conversation.

Showcasing Unitron’s Innovative Hearing Solutions

Unitron wanted to create a video campaign to highlight their new technology and innovative Discover platform. We needed to communicate the hearing performance as well as the ease and convenience of Discover. The campaign would also build awareness of Unitron, instill confidence in their brand, and achieve growth in audience, engagement, and social sharing.

To achieve these goals, we created an interactive video, a main brand video, and teaser videos.

In addition, all campaign pieces needed to be produced in 3 languages—English, French, and German—to communicate effectively with Unitron’s global audience.

Using Interactive Video to Reveal the Discover Platform

Interactive videos allow the viewer to control their own content. It creates a personal experience that’s more interesting and more memorable.

For Unitron’s interactive video, we wanted to show the audience what it’s like to experience hearing loss and how important hearing aids can be to someone’s enjoyment and safety. We let viewers actively participate in daily activities that illustrate the difference between normal hearing, hearing loss, and the impact advanced hearing aid technology can have on a person’s life.

Through a first-person perspective, the interactive video allows the viewer to step into the shoes of a Unitron customer named Alex while they’re on holiday in a choose your own path style narrative. You begin the day by putting on your Discover hearing aids. Next, the adventure begins. Separate nodes let the viewer choose between holiday activities.

Would you like to go hiking or snowboarding?

You can pick which activity you would like to view. The video then demonstrates how someone would experience that activity with normal hearing, hearing loss, and Discover hearing aids.

The choose your own path continues with common social activities like going out for dinner, to a bar, or to hear live music—all of which can pose significant problems for those suffering from hearing loss.

Unitron Discover Campaign Videos

<Love the experience interactive video>

Choose your own path and experience Unitron’s Discover hearing aids. Hear for yourself how much someone’s enjoyment and safety are hindered when living with hearing loss. Go back to make different choices in order to experience every possibility. You can view this video in English, French, or German.

The theme of the brand video is inspired by Unitron’s tagline Fit.Love.Go. This video features cinematic footage and the sounds Alex (Unitron’s customer in the interactive video) experiences in various settings and times in their life. The flashes to different points in time showcase the importance of sound in our lives and how it shapes our relationship with people and the world around us.

Interactive Content on the Rise

Keep up with the latest video trends and engage your audience like never before. Interactive content is on the rise across a number of different industries because it engages audiences and crafts both meaningful and memorable experiences.

Interactive mediums can help your business stand out among the crowded video marketing space while leaving a lasting memory that’s tied to your brand.

Memory Tree is proud to be at the forefront of interactive content, Virtual Reality, and 360 video. Contact us to learn more about how these leading media trends can help your business.

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